About us

We have been involved in the internet business since 1995. Way back then we were using Notepad and Simple Text to create pages. Now we've a developed a few more technical skills, but still believe that the eye is the most important organ in design.

In 2001 Alun Ward founded Eye Division Ltd , building on the successful relationships developed in his role as Partner in the firm of Seapink. Eye Division continue to develop a broad spread of web sites for clients from a variety of business areas.

Working with skilled partners is crucial, and we'e teamed up with artist and technologist Neil C Smith to create robust Drupal based websites for Oxfordshire Artweeks and several other organisations and companies. We can also call on the services of a range of great photographers, writers and designers.

Eye Division have a special interest in building and maintaining web sites for clients in the arts industry due to Alun Ward's own work as an arts practitioner. We aim to make web sites easier to manage by developing self-updating systems for our clients. We tend to work with Drupal and WordPress, but have experience of a range of other systems as well our own custom designed Eye Gallery setup for individual artists.

Take a look at our case studies to see samples of our work.